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Intimate Orcas Island Destination Wedding

Emily Hall

Josh & Jodie's destination wedding on Orcas Island can best be described as gorgeous, relaxing, & intimate. If one of your wedding day goals is to really, really, relax and enjoy a calm and peaceful wedding day, an intimate destination ceremony is The Way To Go. 

As soon as we boarded the ferry and headed topside, the warm air just blew away the hustle and bustle of daily life and we were literally transported to a place that seemed worlds away from reality.  :)

The Rosario Resort & Spa (pictured below) is a gorgeous place to stay. It's also REALLY really peaceful. 

Josh and Jodie found a hidden gem of a chapel on Orcas. And, seriously - it's hidden. Victorian Valley Chapel is at the end of a meandering dirt road - past ponds and trees, nestled perfectly into the scenery. 

Jodie's dad wanted to make sure he didn't mess up on his part of the ceremony, so he employed an age-old memory-enhancing technique. Loved it!

He did a great job of giving his daughter away!

Josh & Jodie did a wine blending (and preserving) as a part of their ceremony, to be saved for a future anniversary. Isn't that a cool idea?! Officially the FIRST time I've ever seen/heard of it.  :)

Because it was such a relaxed and intimate day, we had a flexible schedule and plenty of time to take plenty of photos. 

While we were enjoying our "couple portrait" time, we found a frog! Country girls like Jodie and I don't pass up moments for frog-catching.  PS - getting a frog to hold still for a photo: not something I considered while frog-chasing.  :)