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Gray Gable Estate Wedding with Shaved Ice Treats

Emily Hall

Thanks to Stephen Hamilton of Remembrance Photography for inviting me to tag along for this event! I (obviously) had a blast at Annie & Jason's Wedding.  :)

I haven't had a Shaved Ice in Forever, but I was happy to change that when I saw Annie & Jason's Shaved Ice Bar!  YUMMY! It was a PERFECT idea for a hot wedding day. 

So, when I think of choreographed first dances, I usually think of the hours of practice and the effort involved. NOT SO with Annie and Jason's. They were having SO much fun! Yes, they must've practiced for hours. But it was worth it. And not just because they had a beautiful wedding dance to show for it. Annie and Jason are great dance partners, and they will be for life. And, watching them spin around on the dance floor, I gotta say  - That Is Pretty Dang Awesome.  :)

PS - I've never seen a woman on a dance floor who doesn't enjoy being spun by her dance partner. Just Sayin'.

I must admit, I'm also a big sucker for a sweet father-daughter dance.

Annie & Jason also had awesome flowers for their guests. They sent me home with two of them (SWEET!). As you can see (in like ALL of the photos below), everyone LOVED the hair flowers. :)

Enjoy your Happily Ever After, Jason and Annie! You guys are off to an AMAZING start!  :)