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Mother-Daughter Moments

Emily Hall

How do you spend your quality time with your mama or daughter? (or grannie or auntie ... ) 

Emma & Myah love to get "coffee" together. Myah likes her coffee without any actual coffee in it, just like me. I got a sneak peek of their coffee date tradition at Sweet Red.

Don't you love getting pretty pictures on the top of your yummy beverage? I'm pretty sure it makes them taste better. Myah is also pretty sure, but she's going to check it out - just in case.

Emma: Myah, don't touch.

Myah: OK.


Myah:  I'm gonna touch it, K?  

(This is just one of many reasons Myah Rules).  

Smooches & Snuggles!  (Also Quite Yummy and Wonderful)

Awww, LOVE this (below).  

Gotta keep it real with some silly time.  

Speaking of the importance of special moments with loved ones...This (below) made me cry. 

After I emailed the link to the viewing gallery, I got the thing that I live for as an artist: an email, telling me that their photos had an emotional impact -  

From Emma's Mom (aka Leigh): 

Emily, you have truly given me the most precious of gifts - beautifully captured moments of those I love most in this world. Thank you for your generous heart towards my children and for using your talent to bless us all.

Emma and Myah bent down on the bridge looking at the leaf brought tears to my eyes. I have worked hard to instill in my children the importance of noticing the beautiful little things all around us; a fallen orange leaf, a little bird perched nearby, a grand tree stretching towards the sky... thank you for capturing my child passing this important life lesson onto her child.

I'm SO glad I thought to capture this moment! (And even happier that I wasn't silly enough to delete it, despite it's lack of meeting traditional "family portrait" criteria). And, although posting this feels a little like bragging, that's not my point.  My point is... 

I want you to understand the importance of knowing, trusting, and connecting with the person behind the camera.

Although we may only spend an hour or a day together, getting to know my client(s) is one of my favorite parts of being a photographer. It's also a big part of what makes me good at my job. I love getting to know your family traditions. It's a huge honor when I get to be a part of them.  The stories you share with me help me to highlight who you are in your photos. And, although you may only spend an hour or two with me, I spend tons of time with you.

While I'm editing our photos, I remember the stories you told me, the laughs we had (and I'm probably still cringing about that story I told you that I probably shouldn't have). I wish I could send a hug along with your product shipments. I love to sit down with you and gush over your beautiful album, or gaze at your yummy wall canvas, because those moments matter to me too.  And, those of you who know me know I'm serious when I say that.