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Office Remodel: Before, After, and "What We Were Going For"

Emily Hall

Most Important: I have a desk again!  I can get back to editing, designing, and all the other fun computer parts of being a photographer!  Yay!!!

Workspace in the before mode: not enough space, too much junk, terrible ergonomics.  And yes, I dangled bulletin boards off of the curtain rack.  Like I said, I ran out of space.  

So after hating my desk and having no real solution in mind, I saw this really great Crate & Barrel Desk (like the picture below). LOVED IT IMMEDIATELY. 

It was an official "I want it, But..." moment.

My super cute dream desk was too small.  My current workspace is already too small.  No sense replacing it with another small desk - even if it's super cute. The price tag was a deterrent as well.

Fast-forward through 6 months of begging and whining and we have the Steven & Emily version of the desk I wanted (below). It's huge, it's sturdy, and I have a feeling that we'll be great friends.  

I finally have room for my desk buddies again! I've had "Everyone Needs Love Ziggy" since I was a little baby Emmy.  :)

And my "To Do" board is now in front of me, where it belongs. The world makes sense again!

And my desk cubbies (on each end). I love storage.  

Try not to hate me for saying this, but I am super-excited to get to work at this awesometastic workstation of mine.  :)