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So, What are You Doing Tonight?

Emily Hall

Over the River and Through the Woods opens TONIGHT! (Jan. 13, 2012)

I got my own private viewing on Tuesday. (They even let me get up on the stage and everything - SO FUN!!)

THIS PLAY WAS AMAZING. It's about a typical (crazy) Italian family. I happen to be a part of such a family, so this play really hit home for me in a lot of ways. Honestly, I left in a bit of a fog, still processing the plot (and still moderately freaked out at seeing "my family" on stage.)  

Bring your tissue, bring your hankie; you'll be sniffling along with the rest of the audience. This play WILL touch your heart.

Leigh and her cast did an amazing job of understanding the characters.  I'd met each cast member a few weeks before to do their cast head-shots. And, although their costumes didn't require huge alterations in appearance for any of the actors, I honestly didn't even recognize some of them from "head-shot-day."

WELL DONE, ACT! I'm always floored with how amazing your plays are. You continue to be one of my favorite things about Albany, Oregon.