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Emily Hall Photography is Ten Years Old!

Emily Hall

Ten years ago, I celebrated my birthday by working on a photography website design with a friend. I knew then that I loved taking pictures and that I wanted a career instead of a job. But I didn’t have a clue about how much this would feed my soul, define who I am as a person, give me self confidence and strength, and seriously shape my life.

Thank YOU. Each of you who have invited me to be a part of your lives by documenting your achievements, love, growth, and losses have taught me something, given me something, and helped me grow. You have taught me how truly meaningful it is to be able to document love and memories.

I could write pages and pages about the moments that have meant SO much to me…
-YOU who took a chance on me when I was brand new at this.
-YOU who believed in me when I didn’t fully believe in myself.
-YOU who saw a goal on my annual goals list and took it upon yourself to help me achieve it.
-YOU who called me before your pregnancies were public news, not just to reserve a spot on my calendar, but because you knew I wanted to celebrate the news with you.
-YOU who showed compassion/were a shoulder to cry on through pregnancy loss and reassured me that there would be a light at the end of a dark tunnel, because you had gone down this path before me, and you felt my pain.
-YOU who showed compassion/patience on the days that I have been less than perfect at running a business.
-YOU who included me in your proposal/wedding planning process.
-YOU who thanked me in your wedding speech or sent notes of thanks in the mail for your photos (I have saved EVERY thank you card!!)
-YOU who have treated me as the photographer member of your family, not just a person hired for a task.

As much as I love the art of taking pictures, and experience joy when technical knowledge combined with genuine emotion creates art, YOU are what has made this job something I love.

If the first ten years were this great, I can’t wait to see what the next ones bring. THANK YOU for celebrating this milestone with me.

Carly & Luke's Adeline Farms Wedding

Emily Hall

Let me be very up front about this. This is gonna be a looong post (as in I started out with 250 photos for blogging, and I worked real hard to narrow it down to this). Also, that’s not an apology. Not even a little bit.
I met Carly & Luke at Mercedes & Kyle’s wedding. At most weddings, I don’t get more than a few moments to chat with the wedding party in a non-photography manner, and, honestly, this wedding was no exception. But in that weird way that you sometimes just know you’re supposed to connect with people, I absolutely knew I wanted to see this whole crew of friends again (and again and again).
Although they were not engaged at the time, Carly & Luke were SO fun and so obviously in love, that I made a point to call “dibs” on being their wedding photographer (via the classic middle school style of informing their friends and not mentioning it to either one of them, because, let’s be honest, demanding to be someone’s wedding photographer when they’re not engaged yet might be a little weird.)
When you look at these pictures, take a moment to really look at the connections in these images. The parents of this couple are all so loving and supportive of their children and their marriage. I don’t have a poetic way to frame it, but it was just so cool to see such easy laughter and comradarie among all of the family members. They’ve clearly been ready for this official day for a bit. The un-scripted “first look” that Carly did with her dad (see photos) was just one of hundreds of examples that I noticed that day. And those truly happy smiles are plastered all over on Carly & Luke’s faces ALL. DAY.
And that feeling of casual, comfortable, intentional connectedness was a theme throughout the day. Luke’s Mom made his wedding tie. They opted to include Carmelo (their van) & their doggos in their first look, while loved ones peeked and quietly cheered them on. There are so many thoughtfully handmade decorations that weren’t merely used for wedding day, but also to decorate the couple’s new home. Even the venue they picked (Adeline Farms) embodied this feeling of intentional thoughtfulness. The owners, Jenny & Muriel (and their amazing team) were this amazing combination of “completely on top of everything” while being super kind, relaxed, and thoughtful. The whole day was really pretty great. But don’t take my word for it. Please check out the 178 photos that I decided best tells this story.

Winter Wedding at Columbia Gorge Hotel: Chanel & Kalin

Emily Hall

My dear photographer-friend, Ashley, gave Chanel & Kalin my contact info when they were searching for a wedding photographer. We spent the next several months getting to know each other over the phone, and I eventually got to meet them up in Seattle for a hot summer evening of engagement pictures.
Now, I have to be 100% honest here - an outdoor wedding at sunset in January…has enough variables that I was maybe possibly perhaps just a tad apprehensive as wedding day approached.
As luck would have it, there were just a couple of raindrops, no wind, and the day went about as perfectly as a wedding could go. Congratulations Chanel & Kalin! Your wedding day was such an amazing start to your marriage. I hope the fun and laughter surrounded by friends (and tiny, fluffy dogs!) is always a theme in your lives!