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Dusting off the cobwebs on the Personal Challenge

Emily Hall

OK, so, if you look at my last personal challenge post (from like June), I was reflecting on my goals for the year.  It's safe to say that the "Personal Challenge" of the weekly photo has pretty much tanked.  BUT, I hate to fail, and I've still got 3 solid months of 2011 left, so I'm attempting to breathe some life back into this project. Expect catch-up posts. Soon. And often. 

Officially, I'm sticking to the "Blame the Wedding" strategy. Holy Cow, weddings are a lot of details. It took a lot of time.  And, since I'm self-employed, I didn't get to do any wedding planning at work; my boss can be such a hard-ass sometimes.  

Anyway, welcome back to the Personal Challenge.  I've missed your awesome comments and getting to know each other. I'll be around more from now on.  Promise.  :)

First, let's start off with a few photos that I definitely didn't take (aka - my excuse for being gone for so long):  

This one (below...obviously) was taken by Will Foster, who photographed my wedding. I'm the one in the white dress!  :)  I'm already dying to wear it again. So fun.  

These next few were taken by my wonderful friend Bunn Salarzon.

(Below) My Husband, Steven...he's camera shy, but he's a huge part of the reason that Emily Hall Photography exists at all. I totally lucked out in the husband department. 

And I just love how snuggly this shot (below) is. These are my girls. 1 sister, 2 sister-in-laws, and two amazingly wonderful friends, whom I've known since the single-digit years of life. Again - I am one lucky Emmy.  

And these last two are both Will's awesome work. Did I mention I met him at a lighting class? Yeah, he was the teacher. :)

Oh, and yes.  We did go bowling on our wedding day. Steven & I love bowling.  And he's actually good at it.  For me, it's just another pair of shoes. And any "sport" that comes with beer is fine by me.    
I planned bowling as a surprise activity for our wedding party so that we could hang out and have some fun time together (and take bowling photos in our wedding clothes). One of the best decisions I made, according to me.  And it was a surprise!! :)

The one below is one of my favorites from the whole day. Most brides wouldn't have ended up with this image in their photo collection, as it would have little relevance in their wedding day album. But, I'm so grateful to Will for snapping this action shot. Bunn (in the fedora) has been a mentor to me as I've launched my business. She's become a great friend along the way. And she's incredibly camera-shy. I love having a memory of she and Kham (her assistant, also super duper awesome) being a part of our day.