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Tea Parties and Make-Believe

Emily Hall

When was the last time that you played make-believe? Put on a princess dress and some impractical shoes and twirled and imagined until you had to lay down from the sheer thrill of it all? 

Sometimes, I think that as grownups, we forget the wisdom we once had as kids. Take twirling, for example. I challenge you to twirl carelessly and then stare at the clouds for 30 minutes. See how much better you feel afterwards.  

Too lazy for twirling? Just check out these two. Perhaps even just the photos will help do the trick.

When playing dress-up, I usually played "school" or "tea-party" - whichever one let me boss my little sister around more at the time. Daphne and Maddie (fortunately) played much nicer together than we did.