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Fun in Salem with Seriously Awesome Sisters!

Emily Hall

Kendra tagged along & helped out at her big sister's session. And I'm SO glad she did!

I'm biased, but I think having a sister (or 5!) is awesome! Sure, she might steal your clothes, and she might not make life any easier, but, (hopefully) she's also the person that will share just about every important moment you'll ever have. And, even on your worst days, she'll love you be there for you when you need her.

Kendra & Samantha Tooootally reminded me of me and my little sister.  ...That is, if we had fabulously long blond hair & long legs to match. (Nope. Nooot jealous. Not at all)  ;)

Sisters: Jade & Hadley

Emily Hall

Jade is looking pretty awesome at 6 months. She's already got a million cute faces & expressions, she's rocking her tummy time, and she's all about playtime and storybooks. 

Hadley (aaaalmost 3) was OhSoExcited for her photo shoot (she even made me pictures - see below), but when it came time for photos, she decided to let Jade have the spotlight. :)