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Our Baby's Nursery

Emily Hall

So, it's no real secret that I LOVE arts & crafts. Like LOVE them. Designing a nursery was SO fun! I enjoyed agonizing over which look I wanted to go for (BIG thanks to my Sister-in-Law, Andrea, for the Dr. Seuss inspiration!). I had a blast bossing Steven around and watching his engineer-y self twitch as I had him paint rolling hills on the walls. And picking out which characters would go where on the walls...LOVED it all.

The real surprise bonus was how much the cats loved "their" new room. I had no idea!

Although our baby is running (a whole week!) late, she is already SO loved. Pretty much everything in the nursery is a gift. Auntie Anne took over all of the furniture refinishing projects that I had on my unrealistic, pregnant lady To Do List. Several friends made handmade blankets. My mom brought boxes full of kid books from when we were growing up. My Bunko friends AND my little sister both threw me amazing baby showers! Our daughter's closet is FILLED with more clothes than I own (all from friends and family - seriously, I haven't bought a single outfit). We are SO fortunate and grateful.

Since Baby hasn't shown up yet, and I can't show off cute baby photos, I'll show off our cute cat room/nursery instead. :)