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Albany Wedding Photographer: Flinn Block Hall with Kirsti & Colton

Emily Hall

I got to photograph Kirsti & Colton's White Spires Church ceremony and Flinn Block Hall reception on June 28th. It was SUCH a good day!

Levi (on the right) is Kirsti's brother. He got married earlier this summer - check their wedding here. Nice wedding bands, right!?

This self-proclaimed shy couple grand-slammed their portraits. I posted lots. Narrowing them down was impossible. I do not apologize.

Can I take a moment to pause here and talk about weddings in general? (I'm going to assume you said yes. Good). Receiving lines. They're wildly unpopular. And, I must respectfully disagree with that sentiment. I LOVE LOVE LOVE receiving lines! They are a wonderful (and speedy, even though nobody believes me) way to get to make sure that you connect with each of your guests (which is typically a post-wedding concern for many thoughtful couples).

So, all of that makes for a great argument FOR a receiving line. Let me make mine as a photographer. LOOK AT THE EMOTIONS (below). You can eat that love up with a spoon! I am such a sucker for those looks of love and joy that a couple receives from friends and family right after a wedding ceremony. I promise not to try to talk you into it when we're talking wedding schedule, but if you're thinking about your upcoming wedding, take a look at those faces below.

Kirsti & Colton, in case it wasn't terribly obvious, I loved your receiving line! :) :)

Hehe! I LOVE that someone else felt like this was a photo worth taking. ;)

I forgot to get a picture with Danielle and Levi at their wedding earlier this summer, so I made up for lost time at the reception.  :)

Congratulations Kirsti & Colton! I can't wait to see you guys again and hear about your awesome honeymoon!