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Seattle Tennis Club Wedding & Fremont Ave Rehearsal: Nicole & Gabe

Emily Hall

There are so many moments of specialness in this blog post and this weekend's events. I can't tell you how much I'm smiling right now.

When I met Nicole and Gabe, I felt like we just clicked. I even introduced them to (my husband) Steven after our first meeting, because we were going to be friends, whether I booked them as clients or not.

Nicole's emails made my day just about every time I got one. The best one, though, was when they invited me to their rehearsal dinner, as a guest, told me to leave my camera at home, and then topped it off by telling me that the event was on "my" boat! ...And by "my boat" I mean the boat that I was the first mate and bartender on when I was in college (that I have no ownership of whatsoever). The boat that I love more than all other boats. With the Captain who I love as a father. MY BOAT! I tossed practicality aside and decided to drive to Seattle on a Friday. For fun. During Wedding Season.  And I am SO glad I did.

*Please note, rehearsal dinner photos are what I took as a guest, because I felt like it. But I didn't want to keep all of Seattle's pretty waterfront to myself.*  :)

Also, my shameless plug for "my boat." If the enthusiasm above didn't clearly convey it, I think this is a wonderful boat. Go take a Sunday Ice Cream Cruise with Captain Larry. Or two. Or three. It's a bargain and it's awesome. Also, I painted the mural in the men's room, in case you were interested. :)

Gabe's gift for his future wife needed to be opened up before wedding day.

Gabe had secretly saved all of the ticket stubs from their dating adventures and had a collage made for Nicole (because a good man is both sensitive AND knows when to ask for creative assistance.)And, because they're sweet, they opened the present I brought them too. Which also made my day. I never get to see people open the presents I send them.  (the mugs. I gave them their mugs.)
Here are just a few of my favorite view spots. These views used to be "my office." Best job ever! And, I hear he's hiring currently. ;)Speeches. Tears. Gorgeous views. No more words needed. 

And then it was wedding day.  :)  Enjoy their wedding day story! It's a good one!I know what you're thinking: first, you're thinking, "Holy wow those are hot bridesmaids!" And your second thought: "Where did they get those robes!?" They're from Plum Pretty Sugar. Yeah, I want one too.  And, on wedding day, it was Gabe's turn to open his present from Nicole. ...I think he liked it. I LOVE that my job includes getting to watch people open special presents from loved ones. It's the coolest.

The vows and the speeches tend to be my favorite parts of wedding day. I try not to overstep my sharing fun by sharing personal wedding day details, but let me say this: I laughed. I cried. They moved me. GOOD SPEECHES.There may have been a "Rocks-Paper-Scissors" battle to see who got cupcake in the face. I'm not entirely sure, but I think Gabe hesitated an extra second before selecting "paper."

Wedding Album and TLC's 4 Weddings Update: Harmony & Andrew

Emily Hall

I recently stopped by to visit Harmony and got to deliver her wedding album in person! I LOVE getting to catch up with "my" couples after wedding day, and it's always an extra treat when I get to see clients' reactions to seeing their albums for the first time. Great seeing you, Harmony! I hope you had fun surprising your loved ones!

Also, for those who have been asking - TLC's Four Weddings episode featuting this wedding airs at 10pm Friday, September 5!

Shabby Chic Vintage wedding in Seattle's Fremont Neighborhood: Harmony & Andrew

Emily Hall

I really enjoyed photographing Harmony & Andrew's wedding! H & A compliment each other beautifully. I love relationships that have great balance & theirs truly does! Harmony has amazing attention to detail and this really shines through when you look at her wedding decorations & details! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Weinberg! Best wishes for many happy years to come!

Flowers: Metropolitan Market (Kirkland)
Food: Madres Kitchen
Ceremony Venue: Ballard First Lutheran Church
Reception Venue: Fremont Abbey
Videographer: Katelyn Holzer
Rentals: Abbey Party Rents
Mason jars: AA Rents
Hair & Makeup: Milagros Salon
Wedding Dress: Vintage Dress - Sorry ladies!  :)
Dress sash: Anthropologie
Dress restoration: Allegra Samuelson
Band: Late Late Risers