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Salem Family Photographer: Schaffner Family

Emily Hall

These guys have been my clients since the very beginning of me trying this whole, 'follow my dreams, own my own business, live life to the fullest,' adventure. Over the years, we've grown from casual client conversations to close friends. We've celebrated successes and cried over the sad stuff. I knew I loved photography when I started this adventure, but I didn't fully realize the gift of connections that it would bring to my life. Getting to watch this family grow - to watch their kiddos grow up - potty training, learning to swim, going to games, celebrating birthdays...none of it has anything to do with the pictures, yet somehow it has everything to do with this wonderful world of being a photographer. How did I get so lucky!?  And, just so this post includes one sentence of 'on-topic' content - how did they get SO cute!?!

Salem Lifestyle Family Session: Decorating the Tree & Making Christmas Cookies

Emily Hall

What better way to get in the holiday spirit than to decorate the tree and bake Christmas cookies!?! It's the holiday season, folks! I hope that your holidays are happy, focused on love and family, and that you don't let the small stuff stress you out! Hugs!

Family Day: When Out of Town Loved ones Visit

Emily Hall

...When our out of town loved ones visit, OF COURSE it's time to bust out the camera - especially if there are awesome grandkids involved! I loved that The Sullivan Family planned for a "rain or shine" family photo shoot day while they were all together! It's SUCH a smart idea, and it ended up being a gift for everyone involved. :)  Now take a second and check out those cute granddaughters!!