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Rogue Hop Farm Wedding: Maggie & David

Emily Hall

This summer, something really special happened. My little sister got married. To a really awesome guy, who manages to exceed all (possibly unresonably high) expectations that I had for my sister's forever partner. Yes, David, I think you're pretty great.
They had a wonderful wedding. I don't think I've ever seen my sister smile so much (or so big). I was given the option of being the maid of honor or the photographer. :) Those of you who know me won't be at all surprised that I chose the latter option. However, I was given the assignment of relaxing and having fun too, so I asked my awesome photographer friend, Danae, to join me and take pictures too, so that I could be in some photos, give my bossy big sister speech, and dance a few dances. I'm NOT going to apologize for the obscene amount of photos in this post. Yes, there are a ton. This was me narrowing it down. :) Congratulations Maggie and David! I love you guys SO much. I can't wait to see what adventures life takes you on next.