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A backyard wedding in Sandpoint: Leah & Gabriel

Emily Hall

On June 22, 2013, something very special happened. One of my dearest friends married her best friend. It was a wonderful day.Leah's sister, Hannah, helped her with her hair and her makeup.Many of Leah's loved ones from our hometown of Orofino joined in the preparation festivities. Since it was a wedding day, we got all fancy and had our beer in wine glasses.
Leah's dear friend, Miriam, practiced her music for the ceremony while Leah got ready. We really appreciated having such amazing live music during getting ready time. Miriam ROCKS!

Little Arrow was allowed to sneak into the girls' getting ready room - partly because his mama is so rad and partly because he's just so ridiculously cute. 
Leah is beautiful everyday. But she looked extra beautiful this day. The wrap is from her mother-in-law.
This wedding was handmade and virtually vendor-free (with a few awesome exceptions).
Gabriel's family flew in from all around the globe to be in attendance, a friendly reminder of how much family matters.
Leah's grandmother passed away just weeks before the wedding, so they chose to honor her with a place in the front row at the ceremony.
Friendly heads up: I'm about to share more ceremony photos than ever. Sorry. It can't be helped. Leah's brother officiated. EVERYONE cried. It was perfect.
One of my favorite parts of the ceremony was watching the moms and dads. :)
Leah & Gabe had their family members bless their rings before they exchanged them. It was pretty cool to see how each family member chose to do that.
Not to brag, but that cute man hugging the bride (lower left photo) is my husband. :)
After they said I DO, their family got a little bit bigger.  :)
Gabe suggested that the guys lift up Leah for that ever-popular "groomsmen holding up the bride" photo. Leah told Gabe if he wanted that photo, he could do it. So he did. :) Leah: you're awesome!
Let me just say: DINNER WAS AMAZING! I'm pretty sure I ate an entire pizza.
I don't usually spend wedding-blog-space raving about vendors (it's about the couple). It's about the couple and their big day. But this pizza was insane. They made pizzas on-site and cooked them in this awesome wood-fired oven. Their service was amazing. My husband is still talking about how good it was.
The mothers of the bride & groom made all of these yummy desserts. If they were vendors, I'd be telling you to hire them too.  :) 
I wish I had this speech on video! Gabe's brother drank what must've been a LOT of tequila and proceeded to give one of the most hilarious "unofficial best man" speeches ever. (It was awesome!)
After toasts, we danced the night away to a wonderful Latin Funk band. See below for some awesome dance moves.  :)
Yes, this happened. Yes, it was awesome.  :)
Below: Me & the hubs. :)  Thanks to the guest who snapped this one of us!
Conga Line!
Pashmina Limbo!