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A Backyard Wedding in Citrus Country

Emily Hall

High school sweethearts who grew into some of the best adults ever! ...And I can say that with some extra authority, because the handsome groom is my cousin! I can't officially speak for Sarah's family, but I know the Polito side of this love story had been eagerly awaiting this union for a LONG time. Tom & Sarah bring out the best in each other, and I was so excited and honored to get to be the lucky photographer who documented their wedding day. Not only did I get to see tons of my family members at their wedding, I got to spend several days with my awesome grandmother, and I got to photograph my awesome cousin and his beautiful bride at our family's Ranch, which is one of the most special places. Tom and Sarah - THANK YOU for entrusting me with your wedding day photography. You two are amazing and I look forward to many new chapters in your love story in the coming years!

Country Farm Backyard Wedding: Kevin & Carly

Emily Hall

Carly & Kevin got married on June 24th. Their relaxed, family-centered, country backyard wedding, complete with yard games reflected their thoughtful and adventurous spirits perfectly. I didn't do engagement portraits with Kevin & Carly, so I didn't get a chance to know them as well as I'd like - I didn't even get to meet Kevin until wedding day - but seeing how much Kevin cared about all of the wedding day details and how chivalrous he was with Carly was enough for me to get really excited about their wedding. Congratulations, Kevin & Carly - you two balance each other out perfectly - I can't wait to see what's next in store for you!

Lauren & Emily's Backyard Wedding

Emily Hall

This was my 2nd wedding back after having Rose. It was my first travel wedding with baby (Danville, CA!). It was also my cousin Emily's wedding (It was her wife Lauren's wedding too.) :)  That made this one extra special - Emily & I were born just a few months apart - our mamas were pregnant together and both loved the same baby name - it's always been kind of a cool connection for me.
I was SUPER-EXCITED to get to photograph their wedding, to have it be the first wedding that Rose attended, to get to see lots of wonderful family members - so many happy things!
Lauren & Emily are an amazing couple, a pair who truly make this planet a cooler place to live in. I loved that Lauren wore her mom's wedding dress (it is FABULOUS!) I loved that friends and family were a huge priority for their wedding day. I loved the family style seating, the awesome DJ, the Hora, their perfectly laid back blend of non-traditional and traditional wedding elements - Definitely one of my favorite summer days this year!  Emily & Lauren - I love you guys! Thank you for including me in your awesomeness!