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When Life Brings You Surprises...

Emily Hall

I feel like I've been a pretty absent business owner this past week or two. If that has affected you in any way, I'm sorry! And, while I'm a 'no excuses' kind of girl, the explanation is something you might not want to miss. You see, I spent the last week in the bathroom...

I could make a long back-story, telling you about the sweet pregnant cat (who I have nicknamed "Little Mama") who decided to make our backyard her new home, but I'm going to fast-forward straight to THE KITTENS.

Last week, there were KITTENS born under our deck! Getting them out from under the deck was an interesting adventure. Now, there are KITTENS in our bathroom tub. Just feet away from where I'm typing now. (Yes, yes I have I have considered just moving the computer into the bathroom...or the kittens into my office. Unfortunately, neither seems wise.)

In any case, I have been distracted from all things non-kitten. I apologize. I just can't help it. All sense and reason have left me. And I just want to snuggle the KITTENS.

I've been sharing some photos on my instagram and on my personal facebook page, but I realize that many of you may not follow me on social media, and I didn't want you to miss out on the KITTENS!

Also, I suppose I should note - about half of these photos are phone photos, so please enjoy the content and focus less on the fact that they slightly resemble cartoon characters due to the (lack of) clarity.  :)

DAY 1 -

Special tip for anyone wondering how to convince your loved ones that it's acceptable to make surprise additions of 6 cats at once: sometimes it is better to ask forgiveness than permission. Also, surround yourself with people who love cats. Because (Shhhhhh!) we're totally keeping one of these little fuzzies.

DAY 2 -

DAY 3 -

DAY 4 -

DAY 5 -

kittens - day 5 - movie 1 from Emily Hall Photography on Vimeo.

DAY 6 - day 6 is poorly documented. I'm not sure what happened there. I apologize. It won't happen again.  :)

DAY 7 -

"Auntie Laura" came to visit for her birthday this week! She also loves the KITTENS.  :)

If you're still reading this - Hello fellow cat-lover! I knew I liked you!