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Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Wedding: Stephanie & Nick

Emily Hall

This was a FUN wedding! I met Stephanie when she was a bridesmaid in Elishia & Kevin's Wedding a couple of years ago. So, I was pretty excited about this event from the very beginning. I LOVE showing up to weddings and knowing people - it makes the day THAT much more fun! I loved getting to see Elishia & Kevin & Elishia's sisters again!! 
I've photographed weddings at Cornelius Pass Roadhouse before, but this was the first time I'd gotten to photograph one at Imbrie Hall. It was super-cool! 
My favorite moments from this wedding: portraits with Nick & Stephanie for sure - I loved how sweet & comfortable they were (are) together! The bouquet toss. Pictures below. It was epic! The "first" dances - I always enjoy the bride & groom's first dance. This evening, the father-daughter and mother-son dances were pretty special as well. The crazy cool chandelier didn't hurt either. And - final favorite - I loved that Stephanie & Nick asked me to photoshop a Gollum & The Ring scene into one of their portraits!
Congratulations, Nick & Stephanie - You guys are awesome!!