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Abagail's Garden at Abernathy Center: Nicole & Jake

Emily Hall

Nicole & Jake are one of those couples that I met and then instantly felt like we'd known each other for ages. :) Their fall breakfast wedding was SO them. Both bride and groom had sweet giftys for their wedding party friends, thoughtful surprises planned for their parents, and had made special arrangements to include their fluff-pile of a dog, Takota, in their special day, without making him uncomfortable or nervous with too much activity/crowds.

I LOVE how close Nicole is with her dad, and how evident that was on wedding day. (Yes, I'm a total sucker for an involved dad.) With an entire roomful of ladies helping Nicole get ready, she didn't hesitate to trade in her scheduled "1st Look" with dad in exchange for his assistance with the corset back on her dress, because she knew he'd be able to solve the problem.

However, I think that my favorite part of the day was that Nicole & Jake had known from the beginning that they wanted to get married, but patiently waited for their perfect moment to do so. You could see all of the care, planning, and anticipation that went into their wedding day everywhere you looked. PERFECT first chapter for their marriage!