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Caitlin & Moriah's Lan Su Chinese Garden Wedding

Emily Hall

Caitlin & Moriah's wedding day started off with an unforgettable story: Caitlin & her Maid of Honor got a flat tire en-route to the wedding. Seriously.  (Can you imagine driving on the freeway and seeing a woman in her wedding gown, stranded on the side of the road?!? - Hello, people! Stop and help a lady!) 

Caitlin arrived, grease free, gorgeous & full of smiles, and ready for some vows and some fun. So, we got right to it. 

I'll take a quick break from sharing their story to share this moment of photographer reflection: stuff comes up on wedding day.  It's not always a flat tire, but it's usually something. Experienced vendors will help you plan your wedding day schedule with this reality in mind, because we care.  :)

After the travel excitement, Caitlin was definitely ready for a moment of quiet connection with Moriah. Their first look (below) was one of the more emotional ones I've gotten to witness.  Capturing that rush of emotion when Moriah saw Caitlin for the first time melted my heart. I'm a total sap when it comes to men showing affection. It's THE BEST.

Yeah.  He couldn't keep his hands off her.  LOVED IT!

It's never a bad idea to test out the "dance-ability" of your dress beforehand.  :) 

Moriah's last name is Willow (and now Caitlin's is too!!). There was a willow tree there.  I love puns. Result: Photos of the Willows in the Willows.  :)

Let me just say - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this venue!  I have always wanted to shoot here.  And, after experiencing the amazing staff and actually seeing a wedding there in person, I am already looking forward to getting to shoot here again.  It is GORGEOUS. It's peaceful. I LOVE it!

Many of Caitlin & Moriah's friends and family members are deaf, so in addition to their awesome officiant, they also had signers for the ceremony and toasts.  I think sign language is a beautiful language - the animation and emotion that is created - it's SUCH a powerful language. I really enjoyed watching the signs to convey extra emotion! :)

Be prepared. These food photos WILL make your mouth water.  SO YUMMY!!!

After the ceremony, Caitlin & Moriah opted to give themselves a few moments of truly private time.  The photo below is me, sneaking up on them, after their time was up.  I wish I'd have been sneakier.  Their natural connection was beautiful to capture.

Insert downpour of rain and the beginnings of a thunderstorm HERE.  :)  ...Fortunately, the rain stopped after just a few minutes and it was time to party!

Survey results say that reception photos are traditionally some of the lowest priorities on couples' lists.  I respectfully disagree! Until you see the photos, you may not know it, but you NEED someone to capture Grandma dancing with your college roommate, the kiddos demanding to be swung and flung about the dance floor, and your friends and family letting loose and celebrating with you - these are AWESOME moments!

Aaand, if that didn't convince you, hopefully the awesome "after dark" bride & groom portrait at the end of this post will. 

Venue: Lan Su Chinese Gardens

Yummy Food: Elephant Delicatessen