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Beach Retreat with Photographer Friends

Emily Hall

I spent the past few days at the coast with some photographer friends. It was awesome getting to know them better. I had no idea when I started my photography career that one of the job perks was having so many awesome friends with the same passion. It's been AMAZING. I absolutely love nerding out with my photography girls.

As for the Retreat part of the trip...

We set and shared goals. (I now have an awesome Goal Buddy to keep me motivated. Thanks Erica!)

We learned from each other.  (I have TONS of notes. Aaaand, I even led a little workshop segment myself. An official FIRST for me!)  

We braved the hot tub in the wind and the rain.

We shared stories...and wine.

We played Apples to Apples...and took photobooth photos. 

Amy and I fed seagulls while photographers took videos, photos, and yelled "Angry Birds" at us.  :)

My friend, Bunn, took this phone pic of us (below).  Love it!  :)  Yay for fun walks on the beach with friends.

We stayed in one of the houses on the hill (in the pic below). 

I LOVE running on the beach. Actually, I love pretty much anything beach. :)  ...But, running on the beach is one of those things that truly makes my head and my heart happy. 

As with all good trips to the coast, the sun popped out just as we were leaving, to remind us to come back again SOON.  :)