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Keeping it Family Friendly

Emily Hall

Hey Folks!

I wanted to tell you about an AMAZING experience I had this past January. (If you've talked to me in the past 2 months, I probably already did. At least twice.  :)

I also wanted to tell you about a New Facebook Page I started: it's an intimate portraiture page, for "grown-ups" only. Sorry kids, this is just one more thing in the annoying "grown-ups only" category.

I'm keeping this blog and my Current Facebook Page FAMILY FRIENDLY.  I'm Super-Duper-Proud of my new project and the level of class I've maintained, but it's not intended for all ages, like my blog is.

Back in January, I was asked by a client to help 16 Military Wives with Valentine's Day gifts for their husbands. Those of you who know me know I'm a faaar cry from sexy (which I thought meant that I couldn't shoot sexy), but I really wanted to be a part of the project. And, my client totally flattered me by telling me that she picked me because I made her feel comfortable in front of the camera.  Yes folks, compliments WILL get you everywhere. 

These women changed my life. They are some of the most inspiring people I've ever met - both as a group, and each in her own way. It takes a lot of guts to share yourself with a stranger.  Although the sessions were short, each of these women shared TONS of personality with me.  They showed me just how much personality and variety could be crammed into one hotel room, in one night.

That alone was pretty cool.  I had a blast.  But the thing I wasn't expecting was the response. It is all to rare for a woman to love a photograph of herself (even when it's a good photograph).  When I got emails from these women, thanking me for making them look and feel sexy, I cried.  Not because I did anything, but because they KNEW they were gorgeous.  THAT meant the world to me. 

The result (and you've probably seen hints of it here on the blog) is that I now have an intimate portraiture studio space and I'm offering Intimate Portraiture Sessions. These sessions are about loving your body, because you are beautiful - just as you are. (Just ask your other half - I promise that there is nothing they'd love more than a the gift of you. 

Aaaand because I just couldn't bring myself to post a blog with no photos, here's a picture of me!  Erica Ann took this photo of me.  I LOVE IT! I think she made me look a little fiercer than I do in real life.  And I'm TOTALLY OK with that.  Having good photos of myself RULES.  Thank you, Erica!