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Family Hike with the McLarens

Emily Hall

For me, the best photos usually have some great stories to go along with them. A big part of the fun of looking at them is remembering and re-living those moments. Or, if I wasn't there, I love making up the story that the photo tells. Is that true for you too?

Wendy loves to hike, and this is one of her favorite trails, so it made for a perfect setting for their family outing. With all of the fall colors, it was a GORGEOUS day to be outside.

There was an awesome dock.  It was far from level, a questionable structure at best. They braved the questionable dock...I un-bravely followed.  :)

Totally worth it!

Sisters: THE BEST

...Although, cute parents aren't bad either.  ;)

Hello Rad, Mossy Trees! :)

Doggies with ears that are taller than they are aren't built for long hikes, but they're perfectly suited for family snuggles!  :)

And, in honor of No-Shave November (and fabulous mustaches in general)  -

Thanks McLaren Family! I'm looking forward to our 2013 beach date and any extra dates/visits that we get in-between! Thank you for blurring the line between client and friend!! You guys are AWESOME!!