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Sisters are The Best

Emily Hall

You're a pretty lucky person if you have a sister for a friend. I know this because my little sister, even though I prefer not to admit it, IS my best friend. Yes, I've tried to ditch her, injure her, and have even pretended not to know her on an occasion or two, but I also LOVE her.  A lot. And, when I really NEED someone, she's my first call. She's been my partner in crime, adventure, shopping, and a million other things. She knows pretty much everything about me - and she still loves me.  And although I think I have something pretty special, I know I'm not the only one.  Anyone with a sister (that they get along with) knows what I'm talking about.  A sister is a pretty magical thing.  Why am I telling you this? Because Katie & Claire are an awesome pair of sister-friends.  They made me smile, and they totally reminded me of my little sister.

Warning: Looking at these photos may result in a phone call to your sister.