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2011 Goals: Mid-year check-up.

Emily Hall

Emily's Goals for 2011 (in no particular order)


  • 2nd shoot (be a second photographer for) a wedding with a photographer whose work I really admire/look up to. 
    Actually, so far this year (hear my bragging voice?), I've gotten to 2nd shoot for TWO amazing photographers: Bunn Salarzon, who is one of the photographers shooting my wedding and Sara Gray, whose work is just gorgeous. More exciting opportunities in the future. This list WILL get longer.  SWEET!!  
  • Travel somewhere that requires I pack my passport.
    I got to shoot a wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic this past May. UNREAL. Lauren & Aaron's wedding was awesome. Their friends and family were so fun, and Steven and I had a great vacation too!  Thanks to Liz, one of the awesome guests, who took the shot below.  PS - my hair does not look like that. I swear.  (I was not prepared for the reaction to the humidity)

  • Improve confidence with on-camera flash bounce. 
    OK, so I admit it. I suck at geometry. But after some great explanations and practice, I think I've got this figured out.  
  • Network with 1 new local high school.
    I have senior reps from 2 new high schools this year. Oh, and I'm speaking at Albany Public Schools about being a photographer - it's scarier than it sounds. Apparently, rooms full of students ARE kind of intimidating, when you aren't one of the students.   
  • And, don't forget to Jump in Mud Puddles! 
    Really, do you even have to ask? :)  I love splashes. I can't help it.   

Below: Lauren and Aaron are the awesome people getting married.  I'm the person swimming & Kayaking. And that hot, but goofy lookin' guy I'm kayaking with - that's Steven. :)


  • Widen shooting stance. 
    Oooh, I don't think I can comment on this one without making a dirty joke.  Let's just go with - keep up the good work. ;)

  • Post on website/blog at lease twice a week. 
    OK, so I didn't go and check, but I think I'm in pretty good shape. Keep up good works.   
  • Actually, make more time to exercise also. (for my heart/lungs, not my waistline)
    OK, so there's still room for improvement here. But I've improved from the "heart-attack-waiting-to-happen" that I was before. Probationary Pass.  Room to improve. 
  • Shoot at least 7 weddings. Do better than my best. Do at least one creatively, pre-planned/unexpected image per event. Come home with images to be super-proud of. Then remember to rest...and be proud. 
    OK, so I've "only" shot 5 wedding this year So Far, but I'll be well over this goal by the end of 2011. SWEET. And the couples I am getting to work with this year - AWESOME. It's been super-fun being bride-buddies with the brides I'm working with this year. I feel like I'm back in jr. high, bouncing up and down, screeching about the craziest things.  LOVE IT.  

  • Plan and throw an amazing and eco-friendly wedding.  Have a blast. 
    I'm pleasantly surprised with how much fun this challenge has been. Results/AWESOME photos to be posted in August-September-ish.  :) 
  • Make more time to cook. 
    I've cooked a few things I hadn't cooked since before I started EHP. And I'm making scones at least 2-3 times a week.  So far, so good.  :)


  • Buy the 70-200mm lens I've been drooling over.
    We'll see if I've earned this by Christmastime 

  • Go on a picnic. With Steven.  
    We haven't done this yet. Unless you count packing a cooler of beer to float the river a "picnic." :) We did register for a picnic basket though.... 
  • Take a backpacking trip this summer.  Even if I'm "too busy."
    OMG, I am too busy!  Argh! There's still time. We'll try for after the wedding.  
  • Complete networking project for newborn shoots.
    Technically, I completed this project, but since I haven't braved actually delivering it and requesting to have it displayed, we're filing this under Emily Is a WIMP.   
  • Buy a the new laptop I've been avoiding buying.
    Dude, this wedding has put a serious damper on my techy-camera-y purchases. 
  • Continue to do a weekly photo personal project; this year it doesn't always have to be of me. I can have a break from being on both sides of the camera at once. Only one "selfy" per month required. 
    OK, so, apparently we're just blaming the wedding for everything now.  Poor wedding.   
  • Do a 1-year-old birthday session that involves a baking theme (it's an idea I've had in my head for over a year now and just haven't had an opportunity to try). 
    OK, it's still in my head. I did a practice run.  Room for improvement. :)  That's why I practice. 
  • Complete one backyard landscaping project. 
    Dude, my backyard hates me. I'm making progress. I think. Mostly, I just feel like I'm fighting endless weeds. But the bridal shower that my sister is hosting at my house is very good motivation to make it look less frightening. OK, there's a positive blame for the poor wedding.  :)