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Sharing my "Leaf Wisdom"

Emily Hall

The past few weeks have been full of Leaf Shoots, Fall Color Shoots, and Hot Cocoa Shoots (Yes, my job is super fun.)  And, I'll be honest, it totally took me back to when I used to play in leaf piles. And, I found myself telling all sorts of silly stories from when I used to be the one jumping in the leaves instead of taking pictures of the ones jumping in the leaves.  

So, you know I had to go through the old scrapbooks and find some evidence of that awesomeness.  (See Below)

Below is a photo of me and some of my childhood besties; I'm looking fabulous with my mouthful of braces and a nice gray sweatshirt to match.

We had just finished raking all of the leaves in our neighborhood...and transporting them via high-speed wagon-ride to the front yard of the empty house next door. So that we could have the biggest leaf pile. Ever. So. Fun.  

Of course, after building such an awesomely large leaf pile, there's only one reasonable thing to do next: Jump!

So, how are YOU enjoying Fall?