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A Perspective on Whining.

Emily Hall

For the record, I'm pro-whining. BUT, I'm selective about my audience. Why? Because although I have no problem griping about even the slightest annoyance, I prefer not to whine to someone about something trivial if they're wrestling with an actual problem. Yes, my hangnail is a crisis, but only if you're having a fabulous day.   

So, that brings us to yesterday. I was tired. I had a big zit that was bugging me. It was cold... you know, a normal day. Plenty of things to whine about.  

When I got to work, which yesterday was shooting "goodbye photos" at a Mobilization ceremony for 1186 MP Co. in Salem; I was SURROUNDED by people, sending their husbands, wives, fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, and other loved ones overseas. For a whole year. 

It really puts cold coffee on a crappy Monday in perspective, doesn't it?

My husband will be home again tonight, to listen to me whine about trivial matters. The families I saw at the ceremony yesterday went home last night with one less family member. OUCH. This week, they are updating insurance and emergency contact forms. They're getting (back) into the routine of having one less member of their family around. 

So, today when the car ahead of you is making you late, and the weather is being totally lame - Whine about it. For sure. But, be aware of who you're whining to. And if they need to whine to you - let them.  

And - if you know someone who has a loved one who is deployed right now - here's your moment. Commit a (not so) random act of kindness. Seriously. I'm not kidding. And don't expect anything (else) in return.  

Braden, Megan, Melia, and Jordyn (and SO many other family members) gave Caleb a great send-off yesterday. Please join me in keeping this family (and all military families) in your thoughts and prayers.