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I'm a Photographer. Not a Juggler. Obviously.

Emily Hall

I've really been enjoying all of the excitement that this year has brought me. I've met some seriously amazing people, been to some really cool places, and learned SO much along the way. My business is growing and I can see the progress. There's not a single experience along the way I'd want to have skipped.

...Which is a bit of the problem. I'm a "YES" girl. 

And, sometime this week, my Yesses finally caught up to me. I called my mommy and had a good cry. I kept telling her about all the stuff I was up to, but somehow "I'm SO Tired" crept into all of my updates for her.  After approximately the 25th time she told me it sounded like I needed a break, I heard what she said.  

The problem was actually LISTENING.  I hung up the phone and vowed to go veg out. And then I replied to 8 work emails. And paid 3 work bills. And made one work phone call.  

And then I decided to get out my camera and play.  Because I haven't done a real self-portrait in awhile.  

And this one is very real. No photoshop. No shower, no hair brush.  Because it's been that kind of week and today is NOT my "Friday"...I have work tomorrow.  :)