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What's in Your Survival Kit? [Personal Post]

Emily Hall

Steven is in Buenos Aires this week. It's a work trip (ie - don't ask me what he's doing down there. I have no idea.

And, while I'm totally independant, I'm also...well taken care of (cough-spoiled-cough). My husband brings me a bowl of ice cream. Every night. And, when he's gone, there is nobody at home to make sure I have enough chocolate, nobody to bring me stuff when there's a kitty in my lap, nobody to listen to my stories. So Sad.  

So, I made myself a survival kit to get through the week.  I made a big pile of the things I love. Turns out, I love carbs, chocolate, and chick flicks.  Oh, and I've already forgiven myself for the shoes I bought online last night. 

So, it's time to make your survival kit. What's in it?

Kit Contents: 10 Seasons of Friends, Pasta, Hot Cocoa, chocolate brownie ice cream, bittersweet chocolate, gray salt caramels, wine, wine, wine, wine, and popcorn.  Oh, and one pair of shoes, scheduled to arrive any day now.  :)