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Intimate Sessions

Intimate Portraiture: Scheduling Your Session

So, you're considering an intimate portraiture session? Good for you! You'll find lots of helpful information (including session prices etc) below. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions that come up. 

To Schedule or Not to Schedule... 

Intimate portraiture isn't for everyone.  I'd love it if everyone loved their body and felt beautiful. The reality is that when most of us look in the mirror, we tend to focus on the few little flaws instead of seeing what others see. Stop that! Look past the teeny tiny little flaws and focus on the gorgeous. 

I shoot real people.  With real bodies.  It's your job to bring the fierceness and be your sexy self.  It's my job to highlight your assets.  Because, let's be honest. You've got some pretty amazing assets. 

Things to Think About When Planning For Your Shoot...

  • Details, Details, Details!  It really is the details that end up mattering the most. Before you break the bank buying a new lingerie wardrobe, take a trip down memory lane and think back to special items you may already have. Is there a piece of jewelry or other meaningful item from your sweetie (or belonging to them) that makes your heart happy when you see it? Maybe it's something they made for you? Perhaps it's a special item of theirs (a favorite jersey, tie, or hat)? Guess what they'll be thinking next time they put it on?  :)  
  • If you have something (sunglasses, shoes, a favorite top - ANYTHING) that makes you feel fierce when you put it on, BRING IT. 
  • This is one of the rare times in life where it's totally cool to rock fake eyelashes. If you do professional makeup, your artist will be able to help you with any lashes questions/details you may have. 
  • Consider professional hair and/or makeup for your shoot.  It can be done beforehand or on-site. (If you'd like artist recommendations, let me know.) 
  • Big hair is SEXY. I can't explain it, but it totally is. 
  • Make sure to plan a fun night out for yourself after your shoot is over. I promise - you'll be in the mood for some fun afterwards. And, if you're being secretive about your shoot, it'll help explain why you're looking particularly sexy on your shoot day.  :)
  • If you're bringing several outfits, it can be helpful to organize them by bag. Sometimes, during the shoot, it can be difficult to remember which shoes/jewelry/details you wanted to go together.  And, if you aren't sure - bring it.
  • Don't be afraid to practice "making faces" in front of the mirror. I'm officially giving you permission. Many women want to do a few sexy/sultry looks during their shoot, but it's not something that comes naturally to all of us.  It took me over 20 minutes in front of the mirror to master a "sexy face" that didn't make me feel silly.  

The Day of Your Shoot...

  • Start your day off right. Cuddle with your sweetie. Don't rush. Today is going to be a blast and it's all about taking good care of yourself.  
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes to the shoot to avoid any elastic lines on your skin. Don't forget about sock lines; your ankles are far too sexy hide from the camera.  :)
  • Save your favorite outfit for last. 

Taking a Moment to be Real About Being Nervous...

  • First: It's OK to be nervous. I'll be honest. The first thing most women say at the beginning of their shoot is some version of, "I'm Soooo Nervous." If you happen to be the exception to this reality, Well done YOU!  If not, you're in good company. The good news: I've never seen anyone leave their shoot feeling nervous. Not even a little bit.  
  • I don't shoot models. I shoot regular folks. I shoot wives, mothers, aunties, sometimes grandmothers. This is about YOUR body and your beauty.  
  • Ask and answer this question for yourself: Why? What's the scary part?  If you have concerns or insecurities and want to chat about them, we can totally do that. It's a great conversation to have before your shoot (like days before...not right before).  I use posing and light (NOT Photoshop) to highlight your assets and minimize any imperfections. The end result: All you, all real, and all kinds of HOT.  :)
  • Last but not least -  take a moment and focus on the positives about yourself. That's what this is about (highlighting your assets - and PS - it's FUN!)

Outdoor Sessions...

Outdoor sessions are available anytime.  For ideal light, it is best to schedule your session for an early morning or late in the afternoon/evening. When pairing with a studio session, outdoor sessions must be scheduled Monday-Friday.  Appointments can be scheduled by phone or via email.

At My Studio...

Studio sessions are available by appointment only. Appointments can be scheduled by phone or via email.


All Sessions Include..

  • Pre-session planning date (can be done via email, phone, or in-person)
  • Photographer's time and talent
  • In-person viewing and ordering session, for your privacy and safety.

Collection 1 | Girls Night

This Girls Night Event includes...

  • I'll join you at your Ladies Night or Bachelorette party for sexy one-on-one photoshoots with each of the guests, with extra pampering for the special lady of the night.
  • Minimum of four ladies
  • Professional Makeup Provided
  • In-Person Viewing & Ordering Session for each lady
  • This collection will be customized to fit your event. Call me to discuss details. 

Collection 2 |  $395

This deluxe portfolio collection includes…

  • Up to 3 Locations
  • 26-page 8x8 Album with Pearlized Custom Cover
  • In-Person Viewing & Ordering Session

Collection 3 |  $295

This signature portfolio collection includes…

  • Session will last approximately 90 minutes - 2 hours
  • 1 or 2 locations (studio & outdoors)
  • 14-page 6x6 Album with Pearlized Custom Cover
  • In-Person Viewing & Ordering Session

Collection 4 |  $195

This sweet little collection includes...

  • Session will last approximately 1 hour
  • 1 location (studio or outdoors)
  • 10x10 Canvas Wrap
  • In-Person Viewing & Ordering Session

At a Hotel Room or other location...

Usually for a shoot at a hotel, it's best to schedule a group event so that the cost of the room can be split.  You can schedule a party for you and your friends.  Or, please inquire about upcoming marathon events.