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Baby Jones, Coming Soon

Emily Hall

I first met Mercedes & Kyle when I got to be their wedding photographer. It was one of the FUNNEST weddings I have ever attended, and I’m going to tell you a tiny bit about it, because the details will melt your heart.
In addition to being a super-gorgeous couple, Kyle & Mercedes are equally kind. When I arrived at their wedding, Kyle gave me big hug and told me that he was really glad I was there. It was my first wedding after having a tiny human of my own, and it was the best possible way to start my day. Anyway, their wedding was amazing and wonderful, but the reason it’s relevant to this post, is because Kyle and I had the best chat during their reception. He gushed over his amazing wife, and told me how much he wanted to be a dad…Of a baby girl.
As a mom of two girls, on her first big day back at work, this led to me crying happy tears and becoming immediately super invested in the next chapters of their lives.
Fast-forward to this moment: the bump is a girl, they’re still the greatest, it felt like I was going over to a friend’s house when I got to come do this shoot, and I cannot wait to meet this baby when she's ready!
So, cheers to client-friends, happy stories, really fun days, and looking forward to what comes next. :)

Senior Portraits in a Sunflower Field - Albany Oregon

Emily Hall

Since beginning the juggle of two toddlers and Emily Hall Photography, blogging has taken a back seat...and by back seat, I mean that I usually forget to even give blogging a seat, and I just leave it behind most of the time. I didn't plan to blog this session either. But while I was selecting a few favorites for facebook and instagram, I noticed that I had about 30 favorites. So, here we are. I hope you enjoy Trinity's senior portraits as much as I do. She selected really great outfits that went exceptionally well with our locations, her smile is unbeatable, and she (and her groupies) were all really great company!

Mary's Peak Maternity Portraits

Emily Hall

I LOVED documenting Mike & Shyanne's wedding at Starr Attractions last summer. Their friends and family were so great! (And the food was pretty awesome too!)
I was so excited to hear that they were expecting a baby, and not just because it gave me an excuse to hang out with them again. Shyanne is one of the most kind/patient/accepting/generous people I've ever met. (Mike is pretty great too - I've just gotten to hang out with Shyanne more.) She's going to be such a fun mom. And I can't wait to see how big Mike can smile when he's snuggling his baby. Stay tuned for baby pictures! ;)