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SAHS Dance Competition: Inaugural "For the Love of Dance" Event

Emily Hall

Last Saturday, SAHS hosted it's Inaugural (that's the correct way to say first annual, I recently learned) dance competition. I've never been to anything like this before. There were so many cool and unexpected surprises. LOVED IT!  :)

The day started out with The National Anthem. This guy belted out some seriously beautiful a cappella sound. He gave me goosebumps. Totally put me in the perfect mood for rocking out some dance photos. 

Did you know - the hosts don't officially compete at these events? (They still get scored and stuff - they just aren't in the running for prizes). When I first heard that I thought it was the strangest thing, but watching the competition, I really liked it. The Southern Belles are AMAZING hostesses (and amazing young women.  Seriously. Classy!) I wish there had been more girls like them at my high school. Anyway, NOT competing meant that they could be truly genuine and awesome hostesses (and they totally were!!) It was really awesome to see Albany represent so impressively.

Anyway, on to the dancing. ENJOY! To see all team photos, just click on the hyperlinks and you'll be sent to the galleries.

West Albany

Grant Union


West Salem






South Salem Saxons

South Albany

Sweet Home


Awards Etc.

Putting together a big event like this takes quite a team. Between each dance, the floors get swept by THE SWEEPER BOYS! These guys were totally cute with their broom pushing all day long, so I shouldn't have been SHOCKED when they busted out their own dance routine at the end of the day. But I totally was. LOVED IT! There were also TONS of parent and staff volunteers too - WELL DONE TEAM!!

One of the dance fund-raisers that happened during the competition was that you could have an announcement read over the loud speaker for like $2-3. Below is a series of shots of one of the dancers getting asked out to prom via loudspeaker note. It was all kinds of adorable.

Next: the winners of "Drill Down." I think I "get" this, but I know I don't get it enough to explain it. Ask a dancer.  :)

I'm sharing the photo below because of the story, not the photo. One of the many jobs that put me through school was "Janitor." It's not glamorous. And, it's not usually that appreciated of a job either (speaking from my own experience). So, it MADE MY DAY when the Southern Belles introduced Mr. AWESOME, the janitor who had been helping out at the event, as one of the people who deserved extra thanks and praise for his efforts and assistance with this event. See what I mean!?! These girls are AWESOME. And, so is Mr. Awesome!

And, reactions to winning - (although these photos don't include dancing, they are some of my favorites from the day).  :)