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Baby & Toddler Portraits


Baby & Toddler Portraits

So, you're considering a session for your little one? FUN!

You'll find lots of helpful information below. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions.  

When to Schedule... 

Celebrating milestones is one of the most exciting parts of being a parent. While many parents feel pressured to schedule baby portraits on a time schedule (ie - 3,6,9,12 months), I always suggest scheduling them according to milestones. Did your babe just start smiling? Discover their toes? Has he or she just begun sitting up on their own or crawling? Walking!? Although I felt the pressure to document my own children quarterly (ok, monthly...ok daily) - the moments that I really wanted to photograph them and savor the moments were right when they achieved something new and were really excited about it. 

Little ones tend to be happier after a night's rest, so I typically suggest AM sessions for little ones. As we're planning your session, let's make sure to consider your little one's nap times & happy times when selecting the best time for your session.  

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At the studio

I'm a big believer in keeping the focus on what matters: your baby. I absolutely have a variety of backdrops & props. I have a rack full of headbands and diaper covers, but the portraits that I want to capture the most for you are simple, classic, timeless images that focus on your baby. 

Once we've documented their new changes & skills, photographed their little fingers & toes, then I'm all about mixing it up with toys, props, themes, & accessories (keeping your kiddo's safety and comfort in mind). One of the great things about taking time to chat and plan your session, is that it gives us an opportunity to discuss and brainstorm some fun ideas to fit your life.

If you have any special items that mean something to you e.g. an old wood rocking horse, a stuffed toy, a special blanket - please bring it and we can try and incorporate it into your shoot.


in your home

Prefer some photos at home? Love that! 

If we'll be at your home, DON'T feel like you have to have things in perfect condition; I get that you recently (or maybe not so recently) had a baby and that having a pristine home is NOT your top priority. 

We'll need some good light if possible (your home has windows, right? - Good.), a bit of space, and YOU. If you had a blast working on your little one's nursery space, we can definitely incorporate that into the shoot, but it's not required.  Living rooms and master bedrooms usually have great light too! 

Let's focus on favorite activities! What is your kiddo into these days? Books? Favorite toys? Bathtime? Mealtime? Let's focus on those things! 

'At Home' sessions will have more of a "lifestyle" or natural (less posing etc) feel to them. 

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Depending on weather and where your baby or toddler is at developmentally, an outdoor session may be a great choice! 

Isn't it so great how kids are completely awestruck by stuff we stopped noticing years ago? Like, fall leaves are SO fun. Dirt is amazing! Flowers - pretty AND smelly? SO great! And water! Mud puddles are the coolest! If any of those sentiments ring true,  let's talk about scheduling an outdoor session. 


This session includes a portrait session for your baby or toddler in your home, an outdoor location, or at my studio. 

A planning consult via phone/email is also included with your session. After your portraits are edited, you'll be provided with a link to your online preview gallery, and are invited to come back to the studio to view the portraits with me in person, look at products, and we'll do your order together, in person. Please visit my Product Pricing Page for details on prints, canvases, albums, and digital products.