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Newborn Portraits

Scheduling Your Newborn's Session

So, you're considering a newborn session for your baby? You'll find lots of helpful information below. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions.  

When to Schedule... 

The best time for your newborn session is within the first 10 days after your baby is born. I recommend booking your session at the end of your second trimester; we can finalize the timing details closer to the expected due date. If you didn't plan that far ahead, we can probably do up to 17 days, but with the understanding that babies become more alert (and wigglier) every day. 

For breast-fed babies I like to schedule sessions between day 4 and 14 (after your milk comes in). Formula fed babies can be photographed even earlier. Please check with your doctor or midwife fpr their recommendations - every baby is different.

I prefer to schedule newborn appointments in the mornings as babies tend to be fussier in the evening. I promise not to judge you if you nap during your baby's session. In fact, I'll be impressed and happy for you. 

At the Studio...

When you arrive at the studio, it'll be nice and warm for your baby (read 85+ degrees warm), so be prepared to layer down to stay comfortable. 

I will provide light snacks and water, but please feel free to bring anything that might make your family more comfortable during the session. 

Because these sessions are fairly long, I like to take any family photos first. After family photos, baby is typically ready for the first break. We'll take a feeding break and then it's baby's time for photos. For most of these photos I only need to have mama present. Due to the warmth of the studio and the need for a quiet atmosphere, most additional family members find it preferable to leave the studio after their portion of the photo session is completed. 

The trick for getting successful newborn photos is a very warm and well-fed baby. There is something about the photographic process that makes newborns extra hungry so please bring extra formula and bottles and or be prepared to nurse more than normal. If possible please time it so that your babies feed will naturally fall at or the start of the session time. 

I have a variety of blankets, backdrops, and newborn accessories that we can choose from once you arrive. Please feel free to bring your own accessories as well.

If you have any special items that mean something to you e.g. an old wood rocking horse, a stuffed toy, a special blanket - please bring it and we can try and incorporate it into your shoot.  

With newborns you might want to have a change of clothing (or two) as it is almost impossible to avoid accidents such as spit up or getting wet with a naked baby. So, don’t worry, this too is expected and I will have several blankets on hand for infant sessions to swap in/out. 

In Your Home...

In some instances, a studio session may not be the right option for you, which is A-OK.

In home, lifestyle sessions are great too!  For these types of sessions, DON'T feel like you have to have your home in perfect condition; I get that you just had a baby and that having a pristine home is NOT your top priority. 

We'll need some good light (your home has windows, right? - Good.), a bit of space, and YOU. If you had a blast working on your little one's nursery space, we can definitely incorporate that into the shoot, but it's not required.  Living rooms and master bedrooms usually have great light too!

We can chat about those details during your consultation, or the day of your session, before we get started.  Just let me know what you prefer. 

Additional Notes...

If you have signed a model release I will send you links to few digital low-res files within 48 hours of our session. Keep in mind these files are water-marked as I still own copyright on them. 

If your baby has a clogged tear duct (yes, I mean eye-booger), here’s what I recommend doing. Take a few drops of expressed breast milk and put that on the eyelid to help clean the eye. Breast milk is safe to go in the eyes and is anti-bacterial so also helps with infections. Once the milk has softened the discharge you can wipe it away gently. If your baby has this issue please try and bring some expressed milk for this purpose.

Unless it conflicts with your parenting philosophy, please bring a pacifier. I remove pacifiers before taking photos. However, they oftentimes really help with the 'getting to sleep' process.

Newborn Collections

All Sessions Include

  • Pre-session phone/e-mail consult (optional)
  • Photographer’s time and talent
  • Online gallery to share with family and friends


Collection 1 |  $375

This deluxe portfolio collection includes…

  • Newborn Session
  • Online Preview Gallery & In-Person Viewing & Ordering Session
  • 14 pg 6x6 Purse Album/Brag Book with Pearlized Custom Cover
  • 16x20 Canvas
  • $50 Product Credit

Collection 2 |  $275

This signature portfolio collection includes…

  • Newborn Session
  • Online Preview Gallery & In-Person Viewing & Ordering Session
  • 1 10x10 Canvas Print
  • $35 Product Credit

Collection 3 |  $185

This sweet little collection includes...

  • Newborn Session
  • Online Preview Gallery & In-Person Viewing & Ordering Session
  • 3 5x7 prints

Session fee is due at time of session. Cash, checks, & all major credit cards are accepted. Products are not included in session fee unless otherwise noted

For additional information on prints & products, check out the PRICING MENU.